The New Guy

The New Guy

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peppermint hoe By Cazypup Updated 15 hours ago

Prucan school AU 

You learn more about the past as the story goes on.

The POV changes in each chapter but it's in a pattern that you'll get used to

I unpublished this and am rewriting it to make it better. Everything about it will be completely different

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                              get it?
                              Pretty. Odd. ???
                              I'l let myself out...
Is no one going to talk about how there s a bucket of paint lying on the floor??? That's just a waste of paint! I was in an art class once, and never was there a bucket of paint lying on the ground...
QueenOfLla QueenOfLla Jun 05
                              HOLD UP
                              IS THIS A CINEMA SINS REFERENCE I SEE?!?!
actually as a person with a bland canadian accent it's more pronounced "ahbow" cause god knows we never properly say the letter "t" and it's less of an "oo" sound and more of an "ow" but i see where the "aboot" comes from cause we do love our long vowels. But who cares - it's hetalia
erCatPat erCatPat Jan 07
You know good stuff happens when you enter into a music room to study 
                              *ouran theme plays*
Lion_Kat Lion_Kat Mar 02
Ha I can't play an instrument no matter how hard I try I have tried piano ( after watching your lie in April) I have given guitar a try and after that recorder 
                              I failed all of them