Kuroko and His Siblings: Athletic Royals [1rst version]

Kuroko and His Siblings: Athletic Royals [1rst version]

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erikaiko By erikaiko Updated Mar 05, 2016

There were six of them.  Tetsuko, Tetsuya, Tenshi, Tenri, Terumi, and Tora were their names in birth order. They all were normal children until they hit five . That was when they were secretly classified as child prodigies.

An unavoidable accident occurred when they were eleven, so the siblings were separated. Tetsuya stayed in Japan but moved to Tokyo with their parents. Their grandparents took Tenshi, Tenri, and Terumi to the United States. Tetsuko and Tora were sent to live with a great-aunt in England.

What will happen when the siblings are brought back together?

Better summary inside.

Characters may be OoC.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroko no Basuke. It belongs to whoever created it. Any pictures I use, they are not mine either unless specified.

This story isn't going exactly the way I want it to be, so I am going to rewrite it in another book. Most things are going to be the same, but there is going to be a twist. What will it be? Find out in the revised version. Maybe after I completed the revised version, I'll finish writing the 1rst version.