Vic Fuentes Smut.

Vic Fuentes Smut.

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Ruby Delirious By worthlessXsoul Completed

Alex Gaskarth pushed you against the school building. It was school hours but Alex told you to skip class so you guys can have 'fun'.

Your legs were wrapped around his torso as for you arms were wrapped around his neck.

You let out a moan when Alex kissed and sucked your sweet spot on your neck. He kept sucking and you kept letting out small moans until you heard someone cleard their throat. Alex pulled away but kept holding you against the wall. You look to your left to see Mr.Fuentes, or as he likes to be called, Vic, the principle who had his arms crossed.

Finally, Alex let go of you. He fixed his clothes as you fixed your dress that went up to your mid thigh and black knee high socks. You look up to find Vic glaring at both of you.

"Go to class." Vic said. You and Alex didn't say anything but walk pass Vic but he grabbed your wrist. You look at your wrist to Vic then at Alex who still kept walking. "You're coming with me." Vic demanded. He let go of your wrist and started walki...

10/10 v nice v nice
                              I personally do not have these kinks so it wasnt exactly my kinda shabam but still like it aha
I'm hearing ptv, and I'm crying, Tangled in the great escape, and then there's this sexy ass scene like wtf is my life
ilovejakepittsyay ilovejakepittsyay 6 days ago
Wait.. Their bisexual but fûck you so... That just doesn't make sence to me..
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I know you're tortured within
                              Your eyes look hungry again
                              But I'll never wander, my friend
                              No, I'll never wander again
That was hot and I want more, no one can write smut like you