Generation Freaks *On Hold*

Generation Freaks *On Hold*

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Kristy Perkins By KristyPerkins3 Updated Jul 01

Book #1 in The Shadow Realms Series

In the year of 3022, Earth is left with three continents: Kalandron, Chiseor, Hylsah. There are seven members to the council who watch over the Continents and their cities. They are not people to mess with.

It's been almost a century since the first of The Generals have been locked up and stripped of their powers, forcing them to act as normal human beings. But when the most important part of a person is taken away, their will to survive hangs on threads.

There's one important rule; Generation Freaks are not allowed to kill anyone, no matter the circumstances. But sometimes, just sometimes, rules are meant to be broken, and fifteen-year-old Paisley Hart is soon to find out exactly what it means to be a Freak.

Wonderful cover done by @LarissaChesser

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-Top 10 in Reach for the Stars Awards-

The quote is pretty cool. I think I live by the first though XD
                              I think @KristyPerkins3 played to much game of thay series...
Shareese86 Shareese86 May 02
That quote is awesome, but I think it depends on the situation. If a killer is coming, run. If its a goal, rise.
Oh my... That is so spontaneous! Loved it!
                              And basically, that's what fear really is; you either overcome it and become stronger and better yourself, or you let it crush you!