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Sarcasm Bites | | Stiles Stilinski

Sarcasm Bites | | Stiles Stilinski

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booboocmf By booboocmf Updated Mar 25

"I'll stop being a sarcastic bitch when you stop being a stupid fuck."

"God, I love you."


Danielle Māhealani was a sarcastic bitch and everyone knew. But they still wanted to be around or near her. Even a certain boy with a buzzed out haircut. 

{TeenWolf: Seasons 1&2}

I just read lone wolf and spur wolf and yk schae always called derek D so the first thing i thought was 'why the heck does she know derek' 
                              Btw your story are more amazing then teen wolf muliplied with unicorn poo ❤️🙌🏻
Wait, who's Danielle in teenwolf, there's only Dani, that gay dude...
https_fern https_fern Apr 10
OMG. How come I never really paid attention to that part? hahaha
A-jaye_ A-jaye_ 6 days ago
Do you think they had to put more padding on one side cuz his jaw is uneven?
I call human Scott, Scott and werewolf Scott, Scoot. 😂😂😂😂My brother hates it. I be like "run scoot, run"
-VoidBella- -VoidBella- Mar 06
Na-uh! That's Ianto Jones' nickname FYI, given by me if I may say.