Forgotten {jacksepticeye survival/septiplier fanfiction}

Forgotten {jacksepticeye survival/septiplier fanfiction}

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Jack was on his way home to Ireland after the Indy PopCon convention. He had met Mark, Bob and Wade again, along with Tyler and a few others. He met lots of fans and had gotten many gifts which he was grateful for. He loved his job as a YouTube gamer. He couldn't think of anything else that he'd want to be doing right now.
The plane started shaking, making Jack begin to worry. The pilot turned on the intercom, "We've lost control of the plane!" The pilot had shouted, "We're going down!"
The plane began to nose dive to the ground. Jack and everyone else on the plane screamed, everyone was reaching for the oxygen masks as the plane forcefully smacked against the ground.
Once the plane was done coming apart and the screams had abruptly stopped, Jack had realized what happened. He then blacked out, worry filling him from head to toe.
Mark never even got to tell his best friend that he…

~Forgotten {jacksepticeye survival fanfiction}
By: @emily_septic_eye
Written in third person~

Find out what happens~~

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Mark never even got to tell his best friend that he gets a boner whenever he sees him 😝
...baked a cake. DOES TARRY EXIST OR WRONG WRITER?! {*****} -(·.·-)
When your name is....I already commented..😐 nevermind! 😂
Can only go to sleep with a mariachi band playing in the background
*does jazz hands too* yeahhhh jazzzzz handdsssss 👐👐👐👐😂😂😂😂
StarWulf85 StarWulf85 Oct 28, 2016
I just started reading this book today(always late on everything) but I really hope that Jack and mark were on the same plane and both survived/jack gets saved a mark tells him everything from worries to I love u.