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Kaliah By Kaliforniaaa_ Completed

"Don't stop." I moan as he rocks in and out of me. Showing no mercy on my swollen body. I knew what we were doing was wrong but I couldn't bring myself to end it.

His thrusts are merciful and I love every one and receive it like it's Christmas day.

He kisses my neck, grabbing my waist and pounds into me. He was also rough during these times. When I had to sneak out and come see him. It was his way of showing his ownership of me. Showing me that he is who I belong to. No matter who I am with.

We come together in sweet bliss. Him biting my neck for sure leaving yet another hickey. And me screaming out his name.

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Comment_Creepin Comment_Creepin Oct 26, 2017
😂😂😂this shouldn't even be funny to me but it is 😂😂
mommys_choco_chip mommys_choco_chip Dec 27, 2017
I’m sure that wasn’t the first time she didn’t change sheets and Greg didn’t notice before so she like  f*ck it
diabolikreader45 diabolikreader45 Aug 20, 2017
😐....don't worry it's totally normal *puts in a fake smile*
rosinettexoxo rosinettexoxo May 04, 2016
Sound so intriguing, these are the moment that I feel stupid for not reading this book the moment I pick it
rosinettexoxo rosinettexoxo May 04, 2016
When a woman leave your food on the stove is a sign that she is cheating