We Aren't Nerds! {{PETEKEY}}

We Aren't Nerds! {{PETEKEY}}

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Michael Way regretted telling his older brother he'd go with him to the party that night. After about an hour of loud music and too many people in one room, he went on his way to find somewhere else to sit and made a start on that reading he was meant to be doing.

Pete Wentz was surprisingly unhappy with having such a huge party in his house, in fact, he didn't even remember agreeing to it. After about two hours of people trying to force him to go and be sociable, he went up to his room to clear his mind.

Neither of them expected to see another person there, but neither of them really minded. As the party downstairs got louder, they both continued getting to know each other and wondering where the other had been their whole life.

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aspe13 aspe13 Oct 21, 2017
I usually read a lot of #frerard so this #petekey fic will give me a different taste (CHANGE IS GOOD)
alisnotokay alisnotokay Jun 22, 2017
It's 2:18, I'm wide awake, and I read party person as party poison thirteen times. My life rn.
fallingdisco fallingdisco Aug 29, 2017
I'm slightly relieved I wasn't the only one to read party poison
Kind of me but I choose between a healthy amount of sleep or homework and replace it with fan fiction
iliana_wants_a_taco iliana_wants_a_taco Apr 20, 2017
Am I the only one who Read party poison and had to reread it twice
nooneinparticular0 nooneinparticular0 Apr 21, 2017
Me but with replace "go to sleep" with "read fan fiction/listen to music/YouTube /Tumblr"