The Stolen Papyrus

The Stolen Papyrus

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✔ BOOK ONE--She doesn't carry a whip or wear a fedora, but Michaela does know how to use a shovel to dig for artifacts. However, what she didn't expect for the excavation in Egypt was discovering would have to work with the one person on earth she never wanted to see again--Xander. Or that she would be dragged into the middle of a murder investigation with Xander as the main suspect. 

Yet there is a more dangerous enemy lurking in the shadows... and he has his eyes set on the focus of their excavation: the tomb of an Ancient Egyptian Queen. Follow Michaela as she finds herself caught up in a tangled web of truth, lies, thievery, villains, and antiheroes. All of which seems to have started with a papyrus that vanished the night her father died....

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the pharaohs and kings/queens were treated like Gods on Earth- indeed, they were rich.
OK totally hit the wrong button and posted that prematurely. Lol I meant to say the insight into Al-Rashid's character is nice. Not nice, but... Well you know what I mean. 😏 I'm not going to make a very good reviewer today, with silly statements like that! Yiy.
I like this paragraph. This was not worded this way in the original, right? The in Al-Rashid is nice.
LKellam LKellam Dec 01
So, you threw a chair at him? Seems a bit much, don't you think?
Thaaaaat's right...make him more dangerous. *sigh* Obviously has never heard about cornered animals.
Fantastic rewrite!!! I love this. It's definitely better. Showing more of Sterling's character here surely grabbed me. The contrast of the two men is awesome  -- I don't remember feeling that quite as strongly before. Awesome job. I'd vote again if I could. 😁