Dating The School's Mr. Bully [BoyXBoy]

Dating The School's Mr. Bully [BoyXBoy]

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          Chad has always been the goody-two-shoes. He always makes things right and always has a positive mind. He does his assignments on time, he follows his schedules well, he eats healthy foods, he follows rules. He's the rule maker. As the leader of the Peacemakers group of the school, he's the one in charge of keeping peace inside the school. He makes sure that everything will be treated right. Chad has always been in charge of how things would work. He never lets anything drag him down. And since he's about to graduate, he needs to make sure that he will attend a prestigious university. With a mindset of this, his future is set. 

          Until he meets the new student, a bad boy named Cade.

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F---_You_Dude F---_You_Dude Oct 17, 2017
Chad:     .... THE whitest white boy name. Ever. Right up there next to Bob, Billy, and Brad
HadiferIsMyBitch HadiferIsMyBitch 5 days ago
Me: Ha! What a nerd! *hides all evidence of me doing the same*
i_am_the_killjoy i_am_the_killjoy Jun 07, 2016
Are you going to pick up with the stories that had Noah, Gloss, Mikey, and all the jocks in them?
EmpressOfNothingness EmpressOfNothingness Mar 06, 2016
He eats healthy foods
                              Me: *laying on couch, eating McChicken and fries....* ewww healthy  foods
kitsiekits kitsiekits Dec 30, 2015
Both bad boy and goody two shoes is named Cade?  I'm a little confused??
Flamaii Flamaii Oct 14, 2015
Hanwjwjehsj "Until he meets the new student, a bad boy named Cade" DUN DUN DUNNNN omfgg so excited