Stark Bleiben | Stay Strong | Tony Stark's Daughter | Book 1

Stark Bleiben | Stay Strong | Tony Stark's Daughter | Book 1

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Stark Bleiben |Stay Strong| Tony Stark's Daughter


At a young age, Veronica's mother died. A father who never wanted her wasn't even an option when it came to choosing a place for her to go. Her mother being loyal to Hydra, she went there. Trained to kill then swept off to a uncommonly known foreign land to be experimented and tested on along with a few others. 

They made her a weapon. An "asset", as they call them. She found love at that horrible land though. But when she found that it was ripped away when she was sent to Russia with one of her friends for a "mission", as they call it. 

But a few months into the mission, it was compermised. Having a more important and useful asset Hydra had to make sure they got into safety, they were captured. But little know they were saved instead. SHIELD, as they called themselves helped them realize that the things they thought they were was good, when they were bad.  

They struggled too trying to get over the bad in them. Trying to forgive themselves. One having an easier time of doing that of course. Veronica struggled with alcoholism and sleeping around. But they became the best of the best at SHIELD, well, besides Romanoff and Barton of course. 

Them being so good having an opportunity of joining the mightiest of them all. But joining that team made her reunite with the father that never wanted her.

Will Veronica come to amends with her father? Will she get over her abuse of alcohol? Will she stop slutting around New York? Will she reunite with her long lost love? Or will she crash and burn into the failure she always seemed to feel like?

See what happens next on Shark Tank-- Oh, I mean, Stark Bleiben| Stay Strong| Tony Stark's Daughter


I don't own any of the Marvel characters or Marvel, in general.

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The title of this book.... explains what I am :)))) A mistake! :D
true-to-your-heart true-to-your-heart Jan 07, 2017
i would actually wear this, mostly cause Nirvana is the best band ever
DaShippingBadger DaShippingBadger Jan 09, 2017
Veronica: Tiff, you can't just tell my dad that I sleep around alot! Jesus!
halsoo641 halsoo641 Jul 29, 2016
When I read the demigod part I was like "OMG PERCY JACKSON IS IN THIS!!" Then I was like "oh...their taking about Thor..."
- - Apr 05, 2016
Steve doesn't live at the tower, Clint doesn't live at the tower, Thor doesn't live at the tower
CandiceHill CandiceHill Jan 19, 2017
Creepy though......"rich douchebag" made me think of Tony 😰