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Boys Don't Cry [Fransykes; BoyxBoy]

Boys Don't Cry [Fransykes; BoyxBoy]

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fuentography By fuentography Completed

Me and Oliver were like polar opposites. Black to white. Positive to negative.

Him. In his scruffy hand-me-down jeans and worn down trainers, the long Metallica shirt with the letters fading. His dark brown eyes were always smiling, whilst mine were always hesitant, guarded.

He'd always smile with his eyes.

You'd never catch Oliver Sykes grinning or laughing- not once. You could tell when he was smiling, though. He would smile a lot. He'd always smile with his eyes.

They were lovely, deep brown orbs flecked with hazel and a thousand different colours in the sunlight, unnatural colours you could never usually spot on the naked eye.

When he smiled with them, they would crinkle. Just the sides, especially the left where there were three tattooed dots.

My relationship with him was so cliché. Everything was cliché.

october 2015 - [             ] 2016

Draglion Draglion Nov 01, 2016
Did u know that there's a difference between asocial and antisocial
fip___ fip___ May 16, 2016
Make sure it heals properly so you don't get crooked fingers like mine XDX
Forever_Alone_Emo Forever_Alone_Emo Aug 12, 2016
Same i started fighting my mom when i was 6 that i was sick of bows and refused to wear them
- - Sep 08, 2016
I think I am going to be commenting a lot of 'sames' on this story
kikgigs kikgigs Dec 16, 2016
Same I don't like bows and stuff I also don't like dresses and skirts they make me feel naked
kikgigs kikgigs Dec 16, 2016
Same I have 2 math classes even tho I 
                              have an A+ in math and I have the SAME TEACHER FOR 5th and 6th teacher BOTH MATH