Keep Me Happy

Keep Me Happy

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Gerard Arthur Way suffers from mental illness, eating disorders , night terrors and certainly isn't as developed as other teenagers his age and that all is cause of a traumatic past that will probably haunt him forever.

Frank and Jamia Iero, a happily married couple with three children decide to adopt this troubled boy and are destined to show him what family and love really means.

But what if it turns out to be more than just "family love"

{hey my description is crap, I'll try to change that one day. Like wtf does the last sentence even mean XD}

///trigger warnings: mentions of suicide, eating disorders, selfharm, rape, abuse, graphic content///. (I'm not sure what needs to be put into trigger warnings, so if anyone who has read this story and thinks that there needs to be some added, please tell me xx)

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[Cover credit to: Adrenalinefrequency {Thank you xx}

@consumed_by_gay ok this one messed me tf up just warning you
                              HE MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS
First time reader
                              Instant regrets due to immediate heartache
Non-Beenary Non-Beenary Sep 05
this seems kinda kinky for a father-song relationship js
                              boiii if my dad made me call him daddy and stuff like this happened i would be messed up so bad
No food?
                              *grabs gun* *shoots that bîtch* 
                              I will adopt you even though I hate kids.
I'm disappointed in you *grabs knife* I'm going to make it a slow and painful death for you, you mother fûcker