Extreme! Yandere X Reader - I love you!

Extreme! Yandere X Reader - I love you!

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People do the craziest things when they're in love. That's what they say. And they're not lying either. Shin Ishimoto: psychotic, dangerous and extreme. Once upon a time, you made a promise with a boy. A boy with fair hair and pink eyes. He always smiled. He was always kind. He was always there for you - and quite literally too. You made a promise which you now very much regret but Shin won't let you break it no matter what. 

An interactive horror story where you make the decisions.

KittyGuin KittyGuin May 06
I has da dumbs I cannot do da HW....that or I lost the paper😂
BlazeOwl BlazeOwl Jun 26
this is me but instead of pigs I just randomly blurt out "I like plants/ships"
*dramatic gasp*
                              NOT THE NAUGHTY CORNER
                              OH NO WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE
                              SAVE US SHIN!!!!
@Osuwhen you read thus and think about evelyn beingYuki. And Me being Naomi.
NekoOnni12 NekoOnni12 Jul 21
When I read the title I thought it said "flesh start" I'm like "umm ok?"