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The Boss Lady's Man

The Boss Lady's Man

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Caitlyn Coker By CaitlynRachelC Completed

"Look, Toni. Not everyone who comes into your life is there just to use you. Some people are there because they really do care about you" Erik's calmed voice only made her anger worse. "Why do you not trust anyone?"
Toni lost it. She was tired of holding back. "You wanna know why I'm this way? You wanna know why I don't trust people?"

Toni Curtis is the ranch owner of a horse ranch in the middle of Texas with enough land to comfortably house a small army and their families. Life on a ranch isn't easy by a long shot, especially when the boss hog is a woman, but it's all she has known. Horse rustling causes her to take drastic measures, along with her cowhands. 
Erik McBride has just started working with a woman that he doesn't get along with. But he needs the money to support his family back in Georgia. His job hangs in the balance already, and rustlers try to make things harder on everyone still.
Push comes to shove and Erik can't believe what he's done when he accept the job of being the Boss Lady's Man. 
He annoys her. 
She confuses him. 
What could possibly go wrong?

ZeldaMiss ZeldaMiss Aug 16, 2015
I was hoping you had written their story! but I've been reading the second book first! :(
CaitlynRachelC CaitlynRachelC Aug 12, 2013
@katnissem74 It's fine:) It is strange, but that's the point of the story:)
GreyZone GreyZone Aug 12, 2013
@sapphireshine97 Ah yes.  I get it now.  ;)  My bad.  Just thought it was kind of strange that the uncle walked right out, leaving her to take care of it by herself...
                              But it makes sense now.
CaitlynRachelC CaitlynRachelC Aug 05, 2013
@katnissem74 It gets explained later on. I'm not sure what your saying, though. What part is unrealistic? 
                              And it says at the top "Fifteen year old Toni Curtis watched her uncle..." 
                              Thanks so much for reviewing this! Means a lot:)
CaitlynRachelC CaitlynRachelC Aug 03, 2013
@ele0411 My lips are sealed... I should really change the name on this cover, too! Everybody calls me Caity so they probably think I stole the story or something:P
CaitlynRachelC CaitlynRachelC Aug 03, 2013
@ele0411 I don't if people call me that, it's just that Caity is lots easier to type:P lol It is a unique spelling... thanks Mom. Do you know how hard it is to get a monogrammed anything? :P