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The Summoner

The Summoner

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Tyre Turner By ScionZ Updated Apr 15

Imagine if you could fully enter a game and play as you are, fully experiencing everything as you would in the real world.  That is the dream of the full dive system. The only problem is there is currently no idea what that may do to the human psych and body.  Well for Scion this opened a new door of opportunity.  Dieing from an unknown disease he is given a choice.  His body will be frozen allowing time to pass for a cure to be developed and although the body will be at rest the mind stays active. Thus making him the perfect candidate to be a test subject for the new full dive system. Or die. For Scion the choice was simple, with nothing left to live for and no relatives to worry about, he'll become the first test subject for the new full dive system.  The only catch is,  the system might kill him itself. Join Scion as he travels an unknown world, tempting fate as the new system is developed.

pashaba pashaba Oct 30, 2016
While 'bare with us' is a nice pun given his condition :P 
                              'bear with us' seems to make more Sense here.
Artikuno Artikuno Apr 21, 2016
Heh, my Terrarian class is a hybrid of summoner/mage and some guns when the magic runs out.
LaochLeamh2000 LaochLeamh2000 Sep 28, 2016
Yeah,you're buck naked and someone's laughing at you,run straight at them
CNMatson CNMatson Mar 27, 2016
I really like the story you are creating so far, but a lot of editing still needs to be done to make it more readable. Once you have some further editing though and I'd love to read it.
This one sounds cool....but it sounds like it would be bad with magic.....
olwolfie olwolfie Nov 24, 2015
Non-gamers may find this more interesting with a few more and clear explanations.