Naked, She Lies

Naked, She Lies

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Carolyn By Cono12 Updated Apr 10, 2013

Prologue:  June, 1910 San Antonio, Texas

She hovered above own body to see what it would do next. Drugs for the insane do that.

Lying on her side, the fingers of her left hand moved along the wall where another's bloodied nails had scratched -- the dark red proof of one's determination to escape a world most unworthy of its inhabitant. Or, an inhabitant unworthy of this world.

What did they do to be in here.

Little paint remained on the wall next to the bed. The narrow cot, so different from what she was used to. Any bits of gray paint remaining, she peeled off the first day, passing five minutes of time out of the last three days. Or, was it three months she'd been arrived here?

The effect of the medicine shoved down her throat an hour before grew stronger. She remembered when he came in though. The brutish attendant poured the medicine down her throat with unnecessary force. She didn't know what it was, nor cared. The numbing effect skewing her senses was the only thing in t...