Boyxboy SMUT

Boyxboy SMUT

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Aidens Pov

The bell rang just as I stepped into my history class. The desks had been reorganized into pairs of two, with 4 pairs in each row and 3 rows. I sat down into the only available seat next to Zack Smith.

Zack is one of the most popular boys in the 10th grade and one of the most STRAIGHT boys as well. He is known for having many girlfriends. I guess you could say we are polar opposites.

I am a nerdy, pale skinned, puny, black hair and brown eyed GAY male. I haven't come out yet so no one knows about my sexuality except one of my close girl- friends named Mia.

I sat down next to him and out my books under the chair and got out my pencil and my History book.

I could feel him staring at me so I tried my best to ignore him, but as a gay guy sitting next to the hottest guy in the entire world that was kinda impossible.

I turned to face him and as I did he turned away and acted like he wasn't staring at me. I turned away and for the rest of the class he didn't look at me again....

- - Dec 19, 2016
Button up.
                              A BLACK BUTTON UP!!! THEY ARE THE SEXIEST IN MY OPINION!!!
Queens_of_fangirling Queens_of_fangirling Nov 04, 2016
i was listening to Casual Affair while reading this
                              now im sorta scared for some reason
glowingliqhts glowingliqhts 3 days ago
watch how he does all of this then something happens and one of them dies or something
Angel hair will only need 1-2 minutes to cook, vermicelli or spaghetti can take 8-12 minutes. As soon as the pasta is done
glowingliqhts glowingliqhts 3 days ago
oh look it's me having a good time then suddenly thinking about life and getting upset
TonyOnePeperoni TonyOnePeperoni Sep 09, 2016
Excuse me its the cockblock police we have gotten reports of sexual activity going on in this house and we are here to cockblock you. Your penalty is a boner have a nice day and always remember wrap your stump before you hump *flies out of window on broomstick*