Inner Darkness

Inner Darkness

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Mara Jade By imapygmypuff Completed

Pandora Hills is in her fourth year at Hogwarts. She's 16 and a proud Gryffindor. She's got all the friends she could ask for. And the most perfect boyfriend, Cedric Diggory. 

But when someone puts her and Harrys names into the Goblet of Fire, she's forced to join in on the tri wizard tournement. And on top of all that, Draco Malfoy is constantly harrassing her and her friends. Her parents arent who she thought they were,
and when she comes face to face with the Dark Lord, her life is changed for good.  

When she returns for fifth year after the death of a loved one, she's forced to try to keep herself emotionally stable. 

With each year coming and going, challenges are thrown at her. 

But sometimes, when you've been good for so long... You start to turn a little bad. And with darkness aproaching and a new man in her life, she may just join the dark side.

A Draco Malfoy love story. With a little bit of Cedric on the side.

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