The Slytherine Weasley

The Slytherine Weasley

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TheMortalQueen By TheMortalQueen Updated Aug 04, 2016

Hello, I am Clarrissa Weasley and my family hate me because  am different to them.

They abuse me and dont care.

They believe i am wothless and I am startin t believe them.

This is my story.
WARNING: This story contains abuse and violence and things that may thrigger some people.

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  • clarrissa
  • disowned
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  • hogwarts
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QueenFangoddess QueenFangoddess Jul 08, 2017
Me and my mom. She hates the fact that I don't like to wear 'girly' clothes. She is always trying to get me to wear dresses. I only wear a skirt because it's part of my school uniform. If I didn't have to, I wouldn't.
HannahHarrison750 HannahHarrison750 Nov 27, 2017
Hold up!! Let’s forget about that fact that she is a curvy eleven year old but her hair goes down to her hips when it’s straightened but it is naturally just under her shoulders?! WHAT KIND OF HAIR LOGIC IS THAT!!!!????
xMADD13x xMADD13x Jan 30, 2017
prosevina prosevina Jul 22, 2016
This doesn't make sense because the Weasley's would never abuse someone. They forgave Percy, took in Harry somewhat, and helped the Order of Phoenix!  Why would they abuse someone. Have you even read the books???
Books4Bookworms Books4Bookworms Aug 15, 2016
I feel sad for your guys, my mum is happy i'm me and not wearing tight, short mini skirts.