Naturally Random

Naturally Random

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Immature_Writing By Immature_Writing Updated Apr 17, 2015

"It's not my fault that dog food is only supposed to be eaten by dogs..." 

"You can't blame me for actually heating up an egg in the oven to see if it hatches..."

"Can you stop staring at me like that? It's not like I did it on purpose..."

"C'mon, you can't blame me for trying to figure out where the air vent actually leads to..."

"It's not my fault that I used food-coloring as hair-dye, I wanted to dye my hair..."

"...I'm just naturally random."

And, that's what lands her in awkward situations. Her random ways aren't going to end anytime soon. But, with a goal to get a guy friend? Something's bound to get messy. 

Let the hunt for friends begin. Cover by Inferius_

XxCoco_GlitzaBerryxX XxCoco_GlitzaBerryxX Jun 05, 2016
Everyone is friends with their janitor at school when i don't even think my school has one
_WritingIsLove_ _WritingIsLove_ May 15, 2016
Been there done that, janitor caught me hiding in a recycling bin lol good times
Chasing_Waterfalllsx Chasing_Waterfalllsx Apr 04, 2016
How does she know what I think about in my head.... Well ok then sire
Chasing_Waterfalllsx Chasing_Waterfalllsx Apr 04, 2016
Well hello have you met me, Aqueela Lawson, and Ariel aka little red?
EveryoneisInferior28 EveryoneisInferior28 Apr 22, 2016
I'm friends with the janitors at my school... I don't think they get enough appreciation.
Chasing_Waterfalllsx Chasing_Waterfalllsx Apr 04, 2016
... Now I want to be friends with a janitor at my school *pouts*