Half a Dozen...Horses? Book 1

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Shylee By Shylee Completed
Without any knowledge about her family or even her last name, Dani finds herself surrounding by a world filled with bad boys, crime, murder and horses.
    With the help of a strong family unit, that she falls into,  answers slowly begin to surface along with more dangers and an ever present underlying love for a headstrong, stubborn, overprotective cowboy...
I saw it coming..... Because you could tell riding through the woods and then pulls over and needs your  help
I haven't even gotten far and I love it. ive actually started my own horse book!!
whoever it is... im thinking hes important. possibly even our guy... idk why... but Ive a feeling...
Hey!  I was looking at your story Half A Dozen Horses and it snagged me right away.  I couldn't help but think about how well you wrote that.  You put that you were looking for an editor and I'd love to fill that position, if you want:)
@Shylee its really good! I'm a sucker for horses if my pic didn't show already. Your amazing!
This is absolutely amazing!  I love the way you write, I can see everything perfectly!