Little Lily - A Hunger Games Fan Fiction (Under Editing)

Little Lily - A Hunger Games Fan Fiction (Under Editing)

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Her name is Lily. Today is her birthday. Today is the Reaping.

Lily Mellark is the daughter of famous Victors, Katniss and Peeta Mellark. She has only one friend in the world: her older brother Caleb.

But when her birthday present from the Capitol is to be chosen for the terrible twist in the 100th Hunger Games, her life is about to change dramatically.

Locked in the arena with 47 other tributes, among which are her brother and the two people that made her life a misery, Lily must win to get back home.

No one thinks she can survive.

Well, it was kinda the crowds trampling him, not Katniss....
BlueLily000 BlueLily000 Feb 17
Woah. Didn't expect it to start that way lol. I <3 it. Especially when I'm in it ;)
MagmaKepner MagmaKepner Aug 02, 2015
"My shy, caring personality, my blonde hair and blue eyes." Boy, it's like President Snow really hates Hitler if he hates Prim and Lily that much!
macky20027 macky20027 Apr 28, 2015
It wasn't Katniss's fault, but it's fan fiction anything can happen
JadynTheAuthor JadynTheAuthor Feb 22, 2015
But Peeta dies in Mockingjay. Where it says they got married, had kids,etc was just an image. On the way to Snow, Peeta was killed.
odetogrey odetogrey Feb 20, 2015
Dang. I haven't read any books, seen the first and second movie. Imma get some Mockingjay spoilers, aren't i?