50 Shades of Green and Gray

50 Shades of Green and Gray

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This story is about the developing relationship between Beast Boy and Raven. Told chiefly from Raven's point of view, it will also address her relationships with the other members of her team, as Raven strives to grow beyond her heritage and become a fully rounded human being. 


Not all chapters will be suitable for minors. 
This story is Rated M for adult themes and some graphic violence.

I really hoped they were just the same age though. I'm sort of a sucker for same age and the boy usually just a few inches taller than the girl. But, no hate to this book.
lovemelannie lovemelannie Jun 16, 2016
From what I've read I think your a great author the way you express your self and the way you put an image on the readers mind is amazing ...  I would truly appreciate if you check out my story and give me some tips ... Great author !
Hunter-of-Artemis Hunter-of-Artemis Feb 16, 2016
I honestly did not know that people made fan fictions about Teen Titans Go.
I'm pretty much raven 😂 Except for the gray skin which would be replaced with very pale and the short hair to medium length purple hair, AND amber colored eyes.
Garnet_Reynes Garnet_Reynes Sep 28, 2016
This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL... Music and harmony to my ears. Is good to read something well written once in a while. I wish I could do that too, but no matter how much I try, as I'm not a native English speaker, is hard to write everything correctly and full of meaning as I see it on my mind.
FrozenWitch FrozenWitch Dec 18, 2015
Oh my!!! Raven is my FAVORITE Teen Titan ever!!!! I'm loving this book!!!