Living With EXO

Living With EXO

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wtf_fanfics By wtf_fanfics Updated Dec 21, 2017

Lee Soo Jae a girl who is 18 years old she is kind and caring she lives with her mum she always helps her mum out after school she loves to do lots of things she has a lot of friends but the only thing she didn't like was EXO.

One day while Jae was at school 12 boys moved in next door to her house when she arrived home she saw a box of rice cakes on the table with a note it said "Honey I need you to take this next door because we have some new neighbours love you -Mum xx" she went next door with the rice cakes in her hand she knocked on the door and a group of boys opened the door she gave them the rice cakes and left because she didn't like EXO.

What will happen since EXO is living next door?
Would Lee Soo Jae mind them living next door?
Would she want to live with them?

Read to find out

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  • chen
  • eunhyuk
  • exo
  • hyoyeon
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Tamszz_ Tamszz_ Apr 23, 2017
I just started reading this. I like it, it's interesting so far, it's just annoying how there's hardly any full stops or commas.
taetaebaekiebaekie taetaebaekiebaekie May 15, 2017
Of course she
                              Has to sing one
                              If their
                              Songs bc they are next door
                              HAHAHAHA I'm cringing
Tamszz_ Tamszz_ Apr 23, 2017
Couldn't she just stay in her own house since it's legit next door. ( i know, boo mee. Haha I get this needs to happen for the story to progress)
juri_exol juri_exol Sep 11, 2016
Just a correction about the title in Korean.. It should be EXO와 함께 산다 not 함께 사는 EXO
- - Sep 28, 2015
XD rice cakes, it reminds me of EXO Next Door! Update, Hieu (;