The Tribulation of the Blue Moon Boyxboy

The Tribulation of the Blue Moon Boyxboy

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Fabulous By darry1858 Updated Nov 04, 2015

Turned into a werewolf at fifteen, Harry, afraid of what he now is and the lack of control he has, runs from the wizarding world, right into the territory of unmated alpha werewolf Fenrir Greyback, who is overly eager to find the submissive wolf in the heart of his territory. Fenrir/Harry. Mpreg.

I am not the author to this story this is only up to share what a great book this is and another the true one is. Please read my 'about' to know more about why i am 'copying' this. 
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oh man i read this on archiveofourown, thank you for copying on on here, even if you are not the author. i love this fanfic