Love Finds a Way

Love Finds a Way

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Edd slid the last of his books neatly into place in his locker. He took a pen to the miniature calendar hung on the back wall-a gift from the observatory for all of his volunteer hours over the summer-and drew a neat line through the box corresponding to the current date. Grinning, he adjusted his bag and stood, rolling his shoulders back. He'd made it through the first week of high school without incident.

Perhaps the horror stories I have heard regarding the treatment of so-called "nerds" such as myself are merely that: stories.

He had done his best to keep his head down and not draw attention to himself, but still, he considered himself lucky. He could keep this up for four years without difficulty; he was sure of it. With a bounce in his step, he trotted down the halls, eager to meet Ed and Eddy in front of the school to commence their walk home together. He rounded a corner and saw a familiar face by the water fountain. Slowing his pace, he stepped out of the flow of students.


I bet you kevin stairs at Edd and whispers to himself "that ass"
Lmao i remember making an all about me essay freshman, sophomore and senior year 😂😂😒😒
Nah when your a sophomore you'll be saying "sleep is for the weak"
animegirlyellow animegirlyellow Oct 29, 2015
HAHAHA I LOVE the video DAT ASS HAHAHA. PS I like the first chapter good job.