Relapse (Phan)

Relapse (Phan)

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Phil's life is in shambles. A third year university student, he lives a less-than-extraordinary life: ignoring calls from his ex-best-friend, working in a local shop, and sleeping around to forget the one thing always on his mind: Dan Howell. 

TW: language, sexual content, drug mentions


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If Phil is constantly thinking of Dan he would recognize him instantly...
                              Use your brain Phil!
They must be really bad if their 13p
                              I might have used the wrong their and I am sorry please don't sue me
There are some days the smallest things make me cry/want to cry
                              This is one of those days
                              Dam it
At the rate my life is going my heart is going to stop and I will die.
                              By being hit In the middle finger by TABINOF according to Phil's ghost story game...
rutsyd rutsyd Jul 18
They would recognize each other!! Even if Phil didn't, DAN WOULD!
_Greenday01 _Greenday01 Aug 12
New frase for reject guys, "sorry buddy you're not Dan enough"