Frost (A transformers Bay-Verse FanFic)

Frost (A transformers Bay-Verse FanFic)

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Disclaimer-I don't own transformers. Only my OC's!

The names Frost. I'm a foster kid. My story is boring as hell...or it was. It was, until I bought a Pontiac Solstice and my new foster brother got a yellow Camaro. Who would've thought that two cars would open the doors to the truth behind my existence, my bio family, as well as  begin breaking down the walls I've spent my entire life constructing around my soul? I sure as hell wouldn't. 

Who'd have thought that I'd fall in love? Or that I actually have brothers? I wouldn't. To me, I'd have thought it to far fetched, but then again, isn't that life's specialty? It throws you curve balls and fast balls and grounders until you break. Until everything you thought you knew is turned upside down, and twisted until you realize that you never knew a thing. But, life isn't what I fear. Life can't break me. Nothing can. 

Well, nothing except the truth...

Fele_ocify Fele_ocify Nov 11, 2016
Jazz yesss
                              What I like jazz
                              Aaand all the other ones but jazz a millimeter more
SupremeFox SupremeFox Oct 23, 2016
Like the wand chooses the wizard but the wizard doesn't choose the wand
Ebonisa Ebonisa Aug 16, 2016
Another coincidental swear, but at the chest ache, I have a theory! That I will not disclose so I don't spoil anything by accident if my hunch is correct!
Ebonisa Ebonisa Aug 16, 2016
Gonna stop pointing out the swears now, :p   But I love that! I love it when people point out how silly it is that he decided to climb a TREE of all things. XD
-DewDrops- -DewDrops- Aug 29, 2016
Hairless Guinea pigs.....? Man, I think you've gone crazy once ya mention one.
Ebonisa Ebonisa Aug 16, 2016
Okay, the swear I will cough up to coincide, but using "Primus" instead of "God" is no coincidence. It's DESTINY!!!!