The Golem City (Complete)

The Golem City (Complete)

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Timothy Andrews By Timothy-Andrews Completed

Turner Hullin is walking the streets of his home town, one night, when he spies a  young girl delivered to its shore by a mysterious giant. Her name is Dorothea Dovetail and she holds the key to finding a mythical place known as the Golem City.

With the assistance of friends, family and an intrepid band of secret agents, Turner and Dorothea must flee from a corrupt and powerful organisation intent on claiming the knowledge the Golem City and attain the way to create powerful, nigh-unstoppable constructs that would serve their terrible ends. 

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  • action
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • steampunk
  • teen
  • wattys2016
  • young-adult
PVT_Ignore_Me_Senpai PVT_Ignore_Me_Senpai Jul 20, 2017
Since when is a captain second in command, I realize this is a fantasy world however rank structure is important.
starnova42 starnova42 Dec 21, 2016
"But his had with admirable deftness" okay that doesn't sound right reading out loud
RFWilliams RFWilliams Mar 31, 2016
Oh this is absolutely brilliant... TOTALLY agree with Xemnas! WOW!!! I'm in love! Lol 💓
OhGollyImHolly OhGollyImHolly Feb 15, 2016
What glorious language! You have a very distinctive voice, stories of this caliber are few to find on here. I simply must read more. Well done!
AutodidacticApe AutodidacticApe Feb 01, 2016
By far one of the best novels on the app. So glad to see third person and some thing besides fan fictions and bland imagery. Thank you I will be reading a chapter a day.
CelestialNavigator CelestialNavigator Jul 14, 2016
Wow, this was awesome! I wonder if Corrin will be able to accomplish  what he wanted.