Barely Alive - Josh Washington x Reader

Barely Alive - Josh Washington x Reader

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After the tragic death of Hannah and beth, Josh decided to invite everybody back to the Blackwood Pines lodge on Mount Washington for their annual winter getaway.  
It's Y/n first time joining the group of friends, being the stepsister of Chris, he wanted her to join him. 
She notices she could get along with Josh very well.

Strange events start to occur during their trip, and nobody's sure if they'll make it out alive.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm breathing, but I'm barely alive..."

Warnings: Horror, mental disorders, strong language, extreme violence, smut.
text in bold and cursive are Josh' voices in his head

Climbing class. I swear I laughed so hard when I play the game and Josh said, 'you mean gym?' And Chris is like, 'Yeah.' XXXXXDDDDDD
The thing is she COULDNT do anything because he was drunk and that's NOT his fault. And so was Chris so it's not his either! And not Sam because she told them not to do it. He shouldn't blame himself because it's not his fault ;-; awe my schizophrenic baby T ~ T
'Let's party like fuc*ing po*n stars,' - Josh 
                              'Should've paid more attention in climbing class,' - Chris 
                              'Matt!!' - Emily 
                              'You're putting everyone in danger,' - Mike 
                              'Okay...okay. I trust you. I trust you. I trust you,' - Josh
palio01 palio01 Oct 02
Dang Emily must give that good succ cuz Matt puts up with a lot
palio01 palio01 Oct 02
*inhales as deeply as possible*
                              Well congrats Jess now you're second and Emily is fifth! Chris you're now third! Josh bby will always be one tho ILYSFM god-