Finn x Reader: The Fate Of Two Humans (Editing)

Finn x Reader: The Fate Of Two Humans (Editing)

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You are (y/n) (l/n), a beautiful, brave, 15 year old human princess with an awesome shape-shifting sword. You arrive to Ooo hoping to escape your evil father. 

There, you meet Finn the human, Jake the dog and all their friends. You keep your royal status hidden because, you don't want anyone to find out your, in fact, a princess and have the possibility of your father finding you.

Recently, you started to develop feelings for the human boy... 

Will he love you back? Will your new friends find out your secret? How will they react? Will your father find you and force you to go back? Or more importantly... 

What is your fate?

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Little me: ha-ha, he stole a woman and imprisoned her..
                              Me now: WHAT THE CRAP! THAT PERVERT!
I'm just gonna use Maya Hart as the girl cause I don't like xreader stories but I still can't wait to read
Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Oct 19, 2016
(Me reading this off my phone in the real world): Wait I'm a human?! I thought I was a demon? Why did I learn all my demon summoning chants than?
                              My friend: Because your insane
                              Me: I know I am. What's your point?
Potato_Rebirth Potato_Rebirth Aug 21, 2016
Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Oct 19, 2016
I get a feeling of deja vue here. (All my Fairy Tail NaLu readings and stories are finally catching up to me! Dang Jude why you have to be so rude?) *accidental rhymes*
MikaIsAnOtaku MikaIsAnOtaku Nov 23, 2016
I have a question, how did you make the book cover? Like.. If it was with an app, which one? Cuz it's pretty awesome.