Love's Reality 【H2OVanoss】

Love's Reality 【H2OVanoss】

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nobodies By Danirious Updated Apr 06

The year is 2023 and technology has taken its advance. The VirtualEye has been out for a month, created by Gamer's Delight. The new game Fantasy World Online (FWO a RPG) has finally come out and has endless things to do. You can get married, battle with others, gain your skills, fight monsters, and buy houses, and much more. But what happens when a tragic accident occurs, or is this even an accident.. By the looks of it, it's on purpose.

Evan has never been very social, he has a hard time making friends and doesn't feel like he fits in anywhere. When Evan was a Beta tester for the game, he loved it. He knew that his avatar could hide who he truly was and no one would know a thing about him from the real world, besides his friends. He always wanted to find love in his life, but that never worked out, that's why he gave up and played this game. His friends play with him all the time and are the only thing Evan has left.
(Description on Bio for them will be a chapter)

Jonathan has a dark past that he wants to forget it completely. He's played games in the past with different equipment from different companies. Video games and VR was his perfect getaway. He's never really played fantasy games until now. He tough and a loner. He didn't seem to trust people easily, in reality and virtual. But he knew no one would know his past or anything about him. This avatar would hide his true self. 

But when tragedy happens, they might be the only ones to stop it. Will they find each other in this world? Virtual or Reality?

Inspired by Anime: Sword Art Online (do not own)

Explicit Content; you have been warned.


"This Might Be A Game, But It's Not Something You Play." - Akihiko Kayaba, Sword Art Online Developer

[theme song: Collar Full - P!ATD]

 (Do not own VanossGaming or H2ODelirious in any way, it's all for fun and it's of course fiction hence Fanfiction)

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XxpowerxX92 XxpowerxX92 Apr 16
Things like this, where they have lives in virtual games, a great song in New perspective by Panic at the disco.
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Idk why but I'm proud I got that 100 votes to this chapter XD
"Well, according to my calculations, it rain exactly 3 inches last night at exactly 12:32am to 4:15am. Also, mist started falling at exactly 7:21 am.
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Angel: okay even through i argee with anisins and other youtbes on sao i like this alredy
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Jfc people it's fiction I graduate in like a few years. Chill out lmao.