Beyond the Reach of Judgement

Beyond the Reach of Judgement

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Julien Rene Durant was once a good man. Born in France, he took the oath as a Jesuit Priest in the 1600s. He dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel. Now, he was a monster surviving off the blood of others; killing for survival even as he wished for nothing other than for his own extinction. After almost four centuries of guilt and hopelessness, he encounters someone who might just be able to rescue the good man trapped within the monster, but will his judgements deny him a second chance?

Mary Ruth Jacobson-Ryan is nothing special; a small town girl stuck in a rut. Married to the local Veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts who turned out not to be the perfect guy she fell in love with before the war. She is desperate for a way out, and when things turn from bad to worse, she runs with plans to never look back. She quickly finds, however, that her search for a better future may lead her down a path with no future at all.

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blackbandit1 blackbandit1 Jul 25, 2016
I just wanted to say that 1. Great movie and book
                              2. I thought Jesuit priests were spies for the Catholic Church during the corrupt times and would 'take care of' those who did not donate to the church and follow its teachings. Please correct me if I'm wrong cause now I'm confused
_Mrs_Skywalker_ _Mrs_Skywalker_ Jun 30, 2016
I've always wanted to see what happened to a religious person being turned into a vampire; I can't wait to see what happens. It's an interesting topic to explore and I'm glad you did so because you're writing is exceptional.
jobissell jobissell Jul 07, 2013
@laugh4u Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I am glad to have you reading along. Please don't hesitate to leave any thoughts, good or bad, as you continue reading. I am nearing the final stages of editing on this piece and need all the feedback I can get! Thanks again.
jobissell jobissell Apr 30, 2013
@NiecyCampbell Thank you for the very flattering feedback. I hope I can live up to your expectations ;-)
NPGuzman NPGuzman Apr 29, 2013
                              that was an impressive beginning
                              I love how this story even starts off differently
                              I can tell right away this is going to be amazing, I can't wait to read on. : )
jobissell jobissell Apr 10, 2013
Please share your thoughts - good and bad. I would love the feedback. This will be published in both ebook and print formats in the future.