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jmreynolds8781 By jmreynolds8781 Updated Apr 10, 2013

A young girl walking innocently down the beach... When she hears a strange noise. She follows the sound and try to discover where the noise is coming from. A drunk fourteen year old. He duck tapes her mouth and ties her hands and feet. He rapes her and doesn't even know what he's done the next day...

bronwyn41903 bronwyn41903 Feb 08, 2016
are you going to make a part 2 I would like to find out what happens
Nutmeg930 Nutmeg930 Mar 07, 2016
Make a part 2 where she gets pregnant and she has to tell everyone that grahm raped her
The_Demonic_Poet The_Demonic_Poet May 05, 2016
All I got from this is that she was 11 and hardly knew what sex was?! When I was 11 I knew all about it and writing smuts!
karlaysia karlaysia Jan 25, 2016
If he raped u should of told not try to get to know him who does that
IlIuminati IlIuminati Jan 14, 2016
Some advice: Write a proper introduction. Don’t just skip to the climax right away. Also, make paragraphs separating different situations and/or thoughts.
kat13hy kat13hy Dec 04, 2014
I like this story. keep writing guuurrrl. don't let no one get to u. its wat ur writing if they don't like it they can gtfo. but they obviously like it if there still commenting.