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jmreynolds8781 By jmreynolds8781 Updated 2 years ago
A young girl walking innocently down the beach... When she hears a strange noise. She follows the sound and try to discover where the noise is coming from. A drunk fourteen year old. He duck tapes her mouth and ties her hands and feet. He rapes her and doesn't even know what he's done the next day...
@IndependentStriker5 I'm done your comment right there is golden but true her username is very childish amazing comment cx
Haha lol
                                    (Not laughing ät you, I'm hoping I'm laughing wïth you)
At least you know how to keep your opinion at a minimum
                                    ...no offense to you Brittanylara19, that goes to Fairyfresh.
Oh yeah... why are you yelling about the author's "childish writing skills" when you have a username like... Fairyfresh? Who knows, maybe you're the 11 year old in this situation.
OOOHHHHHHH NO! I have some spelling mistakes in my most recent comment here. S*it this must mean my comment is like and 11 yr olds. Does this make my comment 'terribly written' as you say this story is? HELL NAH!!
Ummmmmm...... @fairyfresh just so you know, this story is written better than a lot of them in wattpad. And also, your comments on how 'bad' this great story is just show more about you than the story of the other people sticking up for tr awesome author.