Brew Books 1 ✓

Brew Books 1 ✓

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elle kirkpatrick By ellekirks Completed

London. A café and bookstore, run by 7 young bibliophiles.

Until one disappears.

Newly single, dropped out of her first year of university, and troubled by her past, Jane goes to London to find her childhood best friend - the one person who might understand Jane's demons.

On a whim, Kitty offers Jane a job in the bookstore, sorting shelves and making coffee. She will replace Matt, who has left for reasons Kitty refuses to explain.

Jane meets her fellow baristas and bibliophiles, who each have secrets of their own. And she starts to fall for Harper, the bartender with the smile she can't resist.

But Jane is haunted by the idea of Matt, who disappeared so suddenly. Why did he leave? And why does everyone refuse to talk about him?

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baristas, bartenders, bibliophiles, bookstores, britain, british, chicklit, coffee, coffeeshop, café, contemporary, england, feminism, feminist, lgbt, london, love, new adult, romance, novel, love triangle

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Rilee_lash2003 Rilee_lash2003 2 days ago
I think Wattpad should try the YouTube method.  Give money to creators based on votes and views
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i get what wattpad is trying to to and i understand it’s a good thing for authors, but in reality most people using wattpad are students and they can’t afford to pay for multiple chapters
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I don't know man. I don't want to voice an opinion on fear of sounding hateful (I had a already posted an opinion) and I don't want to be called greedy or unsupportive
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nope, if you want money for your book publish it, i understand publishing isnt easy but wattpad is a free site
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The adds are better.  The beta program is kind of a direct hit to those of us who came here for free books because we can’t always scrape up the funds for an actual physical paper book.