Redemption :: H.S

Redemption :: H.S

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Queenbee By dxddyxhxrry Completed

(Sequel to Patient No.119)

"Where were you when I was alone and cried myself asleep? Fucking Taylor, thats what you were doing"

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It's a miracle her mom survived there lying on the floor for three days with her neck broken😒
i'm making popcorn for the upcoming drama , can someone pls order pizza and hot wings ?
Lol I'm 14 and I have back problems so bad I have to go to physical therapy. Her moms got it GOOD 😂
In previous book her dad was 49 and 1 year pass by . which means her dad is now 50 .so question is her is now 40 and that means her dad 10 years older than her mom?