i.....love you? what the hell does love mean? (Koga love story)

i.....love you? what the hell does love mean? (Koga love story)

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Nicole Audrina Valentine By inp3rfectionisb3auty Updated Sep 12, 2013

at a young age, Momilika, or momo if you will, had it all. loving parents, loving friends, a loving brother. all people she cared deeply for. but, her perfect life didnt last for very long.

she became tainted.

tainted with hate...

tainted with anger......

and tainted with the darkness........

she killed for the first time at the tender age of 8. she should have had been mortified, scared, freaked out of her mind like any normal person would do if they killed a human being accidintly. 

but she was not.......

she loved it........

the sight of blood sent her into a rush. the screams of her victims quenched her thirst. the feeling of killing sent her into a state of twisted happiness.

and....she continued living, only for one purpose.............

................to kill.

Horaciocooldued Horaciocooldued Aug 04, 2015
uh... for me love means that some May want to stay with u so some people say i want to propose so they sart figering what is love and the can find love inside in their hearts and they can have same feelings
CaralineDee CaralineDee Mar 26, 2015
Heeeyyy continue for me too haha I'm really liking this story. It's different from the regular ones that make the main character weak or a goodie goodie and that's no fun!
CaralineDee CaralineDee Mar 26, 2015
This description made me want to do a drawing for her from it description lol. And ha I lov soul caliber I actually had an idea to do that weapon for an inuyasha fanfic too lol.
inp3rfectionisb3auty inp3rfectionisb3auty Jun 15, 2013
@cookieHeather aww, thanks love! i appreciate your lovely feedback. ill was actually going to stop writing it because i was getting zero feedback. but ill continue just for you doll! <3
cookieHeather cookieHeather Jun 09, 2013
Hey, I like the story so far... But please update... It's awesome and i wanna know what happens next... Please! Ps. Your an awesome wrighter