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Childhood Friends

Childhood Friends

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Cas Maru By CasMaru Completed

The school bell rang, waking me up from me sleep. "Children! Time for lunch!" My teacher said. I rubbed my eyes and got in line with my bento. "What did you bring for lunch (F/n)?" My friend asked me. "Food..." I opened my box and showed her. Her eyes gleamed and took the box from my hands. "Can I have this?" She asked. "..I don't care.." She smiled and said Thank you. When my class made it to the cafeteria, I didn't feel like sitting with people so I just went up the school stairs to the roof and sat watching the birds fight over a piece of bread.

I scoffed and looked out to the city. I sighed, then heard foot steps. My head turned quickly to see a kid about the same age as me, with black hair and grey eyes. He looked sad and had a lunch with him. "Oh! I'm sorry I didn't disturbed you, did I?" He said. " fine.." I said looking back to the birds. He bowed and sat a few feet away from me. "Don't you have a lunch?" He asked. "My friend is storing it in her stomach..."

"Oh.." He...

Why do I feel as if this is Kaneki's mom and we're going to live with them now ;-;
I imagine the scene with the rock like the one where both Ted and his neighbor are fighting and he's like "Yeah she's our enemy now!" (Ted 2 reference)
Yukki-chaaann Yukki-chaaann Apr 19, 2017
Normal people logic-sees nice face of a person says hello
                              Tokyo Ghoul logic-sees nice face of a person and rips their god damn face off and devours them
                              The world works in beautiful ways!
-Glassy_Sky- -Glassy_Sky- Aug 29, 2017
At first I was thinking "what woman would take in a random, man eating child!? What crappy writing!" But then I found out it was Kaneki's mom... Yeah, that's probably something she would do...
                              Crazy bish
Questions can get you killed... (Godfather reference) Never rat out your friends! (Goodfellas reference)
MIKAYUU_YAOI_Fangirl MIKAYUU_YAOI_Fangirl Jul 15, 2017
Appears there's ants in the "BENTO" box, because I mean what else would be in a "BENTO" box?  \(0-0)/