Things Only Oncers Understand

Things Only Oncers Understand

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Marisa By Shiningstar92 Updated Mar 13, 2017

If you're a Oncer, I'm sure you know what I mean. There are somethings that normal people just don't understand. 

This is a book of all those things.

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Please note: This book will included plenty of quote and plot spoilers, it is not recommend that you read the is if you are not up to date. If you are behind a few episodes it shouldn't be a problem though.


The material in this book all relates to Abc's hit TV show "Once Upon A Time"

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unicornrose_21 unicornrose_21 Jul 11, 2017
I WOULD WANT TO BE WITH HER! however, I do request she has the bracelet that blocks her magic on cause I ain't trying to die today.
Storypanda88 Storypanda88 Apr 27, 2017
I actually explained it to my friend (a non Oncer) and still talk about every new and old episode and she somehow understands what I'm talking about sometimes
Antonella_Filipas Antonella_Filipas Jul 11, 2016
I tried to explain it to my best friend and it ended with her saying:
                              WHAT,just stop
SarcasmPersonified7 SarcasmPersonified7 Aug 02, 2016
The weirdest thing is that Henry' mother and his step great grandfather are dating. Think about it...
- - Jul 13, 2016
I explained it for my school newspaper. Two pages I'll never get back
88heyitsgrace88 88heyitsgrace88 Aug 18, 2016
So sorry I can't relate to you guys, although I forced both of my buffs to watch lol