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Pen Your Pride
Merman Levi x Reader

Merman Levi x Reader

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amberwolf89 By amberwolf89 Completed

_____________Your POV____________
"Do I have to go?" You mutter to your best friend (B/F).
"Yes, it'll be good for you!" (He/She) exclaims.
"Yeah, good, whatever." You mutter as you look out the window of the moving car.
You saw (B/F) look at you from the corner of their eye.
"Listen, I know this is hard for you, especially after the incident with your father-" Before they could continue you interrupted.
"Shut up, please. I don't want to remember that." You say, still looking out of the window.
"I hate the beach." You say, looking at the trees pass you by.
"I know you do, but come on, its a beautiful day to go swimming." (B/F) said.
"Whatever." You say dejectedly, as (B/F) pulled into the parking lot of the large beach.
"I'll go set everything up, you go explore, and this time try and get into the water." (He/She) said as they grabbed the blanket and cooler, before heading down to the beach.
"Great." You mutter sarcastically, as you walked along the beach, before you came to a stop, by...

FranStudios FranStudios Aug 08, 2017
Man, why does Merman Levi remind me of Eridan Ampora? Hates "Land dwwellers", has a female fish lady to accompany him, and lives underwater?  You got yourself an Aquarius from Homestuck.
wolfproxy21 wolfproxy21 Jul 01, 2017
I like caves too :3 ✨
                              When i go to bed i always lay in the very corner near the wall of my bed and rap a bunch of blankets around me and its like a cave of blankets i do it all the time.......its comfortable 😄 :3
Bye-again Bye-again Jun 24, 2017
I like big butts and i cannot lie do ya have another compliment,tch brat
Where_Ma_Jams_At69 Where_Ma_Jams_At69 Jan 07, 2017
Okay now apples are my 2nd fav fruit and grapes are now my 1st fav fruit
SpucyBoi2 SpucyBoi2 Dec 30, 2016
Dont you mean shellfish creatures?😂 
                              I'll leave now😂
Backovich03 Backovich03 Sep 25, 2016
Did anyone catch that pun 'selfish' he is part fish LOL!!!!!