The Stalker (manxman)

The Stalker (manxman)

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Jessie Hearthstone, he's cute, smart, shy and innocent, who can melt everyone's heart by the look of his hazel green eyes. But life never give anything free, the price for his beauty is a sickness. Jessie is weaker than normal people, he has slight anxiety social disorder, trust issue and can easily get hyperventilation but worst of all his mentally can collapse again at any time since his mother's death.

What will Jessie do when he start to know he is being stalked? A stalker that has power in his hand and a dangerous aura which no one can compare...

This story is rated R

My 2nd question in life: WHY THE FXCK ARE ALL HOT GUYZ GAY?! (No offense to ya'll gays, lezbos, bies(?) I totally respect ya'll like so high so dont get mad at me)
Hey, I think you might have meant burden instead of weight here :) (I mean, I still get what he means but burden is more commonly used)
- - May 14
There are a lot of grammar errors and I'm getting uncomfortable.