Life As I Know It Camren G!P #Wattys2016

Life As I Know It Camren G!P #Wattys2016

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Camila Cabellos family owes the Jauregui's money so they sell Camila to pay of there debts. Lauren doesn't want to giver up her freedom and marry Camila and Camila has never even had a boyfriend. The rule is simple they have to be married one year but will they fall for love that is forced or will they fall for each other on their own. Will Camila be able to deal with all of the demons that Lauren has? 


It has grammar issues

taneisha32 taneisha32 Aug 25
Lauren don't talk to poor Camila like that. She has been through enough already.
While I was reading this I dropped my phone and I broke the screen :') fml
ChinMing07 ChinMing07 Sep 19
I don't know crap about Dicks so I'll just go with you been proud of yourself
Do you know how thick 2 and a half inches is? Deadly is what it is. 😂
Chicken320 Chicken320 Aug 26
What kinda of büllshit is this? Where tf is the "loving" family
Uhh. The Grammar Nazi side of me is trying to break free. I really don't want to accidentally offend the author though.
                              Urhhh. The run-ons and misuse of "you're" and "your"  are just pet peeves of  mine. 😐
                              I'll get over it.