High Socks, Hate Jocks

High Socks, Hate Jocks

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RainDropFairy By RainDropFairy Updated Jun 05

Nathaniel Green is the star player on the soccer team and has everything he could ask for. He has the spotlight and doesn't plan on loosing it any time soon.

Liz Runt, new girl, former star soccer player of her old school. She moved because something terrible happened having to do with jocks and now she hates them. Liz stills wears high socks to remember that she played soccer. Liz swears never to get involved with jocks.

But that might be hard seeing that her new best friend has a fling with Nathaniel. With the hate between Liz and Nathaniel and the jealousy of friends can she survive her senior year?


"You play like a girl." He smirked at me.

"If you played a little better you could too."

xbrinnx xbrinnx Feb 09
I am currently laughing too hard (and I'm sick so now I'm coughing so thanks babes) bc the last two comments. They are both me. Me when I was five. And then me with my cat. Crying ;-;
This is literally how me and my best friend met 10 years ago in pre-k. I asked her if she wanted to be my best friend and she said yes and we've been best friends ever since.
When someone els starts talking you go on to another line always. Love the story 😊😘
I make friends by saying;
                              "Hi, are you a fangirl?" 
                              "Yes I am are you?" 
                              "I AM! Let's be friends!" 
                              Then we prance around the school holding hands
Lmbo she already got me rolling I then hit my head on the wall tryin to sit up
Drmustache Drmustache Feb 24
People like her make me think I'm lesbian then I think Jensen Ackles