Drama Queen • jb

Drama Queen • jb

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dick sucker By rauhlgarden Updated Oct 16

"This ain't the right time for you to fall in love with me, baby I'm just being honest." // "I got another man's blood on my clothes. But it ain't his fault, it's the life I chose."

Justin Bieber, 21 year old worldwide popstar meets with Ella Masselli, gang leader of section A10, through a one-night stand. Bieber takes immediate interest in the dangerous mysterious lion female, only to fail to realize what he's gotten himself into. Is it already too late for him to change his mind? Because once you're playing the game, you can't leave... Right?

What happens when the pretty popstar falls in love with the deadly Drama Queen?

"Getting in fights, if you say it's right. Shoot them all down, ain't love sweet? Breathe in your air, addictive I swear, I never leave, ain't love sweet?"

"Why are you so obsessed with lions?"
"Because they're big and prideful, just like me. And I kind of act like one too."


Drama Queen // Written by: Maybelline Paris  
Wattpad @ Rauhlgarden

swaggie_m swaggie_m Jun 30
Yet she went in front of the media with justin. She's smart af 😆
HopeCirus HopeCirus Jul 23
The trailer was so freaking good like amazing OMG👑😝😝😝
It's funny cos this is legit Justin and everyone's delusional 🙃