A Country Love Story

A Country Love Story

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Katie By Katiebell Updated Nov 15, 2010

Clairah is a city girl who gets placed on her rich uncle's farm when her parents die in a car crash.  Chad, the farm boy, wants nothing to do with her, and the head girl at school hates her and makes her life miserable.  Her Uncle Willy has a kind heart, and helps her adjust as best he can. 

But why does Chad seem to hate her so much? Why does he keep staring at her? Can he help her get her life back on track?

((I'll update the description later when the story unfolds more))

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littlebluechevy littlebluechevy Dec 23, 2010
@LongHairedOutlaw ohhh....do tell!!! i have no idea why he turned to a jerk when she told who she was.....but i know there's a reason!
TheAvidWriter TheAvidWriter Oct 12, 2010
ugh he's so mean! lol hmmm but i can sense a great story in the making! *zooms off to next chapppiee...*
TheAvidWriter TheAvidWriter Oct 12, 2010
love it!! great start!! aww thats so sad =( i hate when ppl die...at least she has family to live with. anyway lovveee it!! 
                              mm, title? is chad gonna be a cowboy? if so, hmm. something with cowboy could be attractive....ill read the rest before giving my ideas =]
jellybean94 jellybean94 Oct 09, 2010
Sounds like you have another good story on the way. :D Keep going with it.