Playin' Hard (Wattpad Version)

Playin' Hard (Wattpad Version)

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W H I T N E Y By wheadee Completed

Hard Novel #1

When star athlete, DeAndre Parker clashes with a tough no-nonsense female classmate, he quickly learns that unlike basketball, there's no playin' hard in the game of love.

For DeAndre, one thing's certain: nothing comes before basketball - not girls, not relationships, and definitely not love. Especially not with pressure from his retired NBA player father to be the best on the court.
        At school, he is the unofficial leader of the Ballas' Club, an exclusive quartet of athletes that star on Moorehead High's sports teams, and in the dreams of their female peers. Suave, good-looking, and a prodigy on the court, DeAndre knows it's a no brainer that most girls would give anything to have his attention. Well, most girls except for Cree Jacobs. After the two get into a minor disagreement in class, resulting in a heated debate, DeAndre just can't shake the hot-tempered girl. Unlike the other girls, Cree isn't afraid to stand up to him or tell him no.
        The fact that Cree sees past his majestic image wows DeAndre, and he can't stop himself from pursuing a friendship with her. While his father deems girls, and specifically Cree a distraction, DeAndre can't give in and let her go. The more he develops a friendship with Cree, the more he finds himself beginning to feel. He can tell her things he's too ashamed to admit to anyone else, and when Cree confides in him about her own father, DeAndre makes an effort to be there for her. The more the two grow closer and build their friendship, there's no downplaying the fact that they've fallen for each other. DeAndre's been fiercely driven to put basketball before anything for most of his life, refusing to allow himself to feel for anyone. Now that he's met his match off of the court, it's just a wonder if he'll be able to stop his pride long enough to get the girl of his dreams, or if he'll be left playin' hard.

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Lunch 11:30 always keeps me going
                              I ran out the door so much my teacher was like fuc it . Guess where my now my permanent seat is 😁
logaiszi logaiszi Dec 03
I love this! I haven’t seen this in this story the last times o read
logaiszi logaiszi Dec 03
This is my like 4th time reading. But tanisha long is sooooo pretty to me😍
Yes girl be like why did he play me when you saw the sign like bítch this is not a fairytale you gotta be smart
Not me I may always be hungry but I’m still a picky eater but school lunch is good
He took it too far and just cause she hated you and your friends doesn’t mean she hated all guys