Silent Love || Barrydia

Silent Love || Barrydia

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Daddario, Matthew By zainclouds Updated Jan 17, 2017

Barry Allen, The Flash. 
Lydia Martin, the Banshee.

Barry Allen has known Lydia Martin all her life. Since their moms were best friends, they saw each other a lot over the years and the two shared a close bond. However everything changed once Barry's mother died and even more once Lydia's parents divorced. Lydia went to find Barry and told him that she was moving out of Central City and into a place called Beacon Hills. Barry promised her that they would see each other again soon...

but soon however turned out to be 11 years later

[ Takes place after Season 4 of Teen Wolf and During Season 1 of The Flash ]

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-VoidBella- -VoidBella- Nov 16, 2017
Mrs Isabella Doctor. I was a huge Doctor Who fan when I was a kid and still am.
I had this dream like an hour ago and one of my ships got together and I couldn't hold back I just screamed loudly it was the best dream ever until the police came