Mental Experiment (Creepypasta x Reader)

Mental Experiment (Creepypasta x Reader)

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idiot-cat [HIATUS] By Idiot-Cat Updated Nov 25, 2016

Note : This is a different version of Creepypasta

I don't own the Creepypastas or You.
I own the plot. :p


     "In the end, really, they're nothing but foolish traitors..

     ..And you? You're nothing but a mental experiment."

KingOfTheTrashCans KingOfTheTrashCans Jul 18, 2016
Just wanted to say that the description you wrote is a spot on description of me
Random-_-Fandom Random-_-Fandom Nov 28, 2016
Both of mine died. one by cancer and the other by natural causes
Lady_Arwen_ Lady_Arwen_ Nov 22, 2016
This is why she got possessed in the first place! I agree with @LeSenpai she is an idiot
Why dose this remind me of the walking dead 😂
                              R.I.P Gleen 😔
Just finished watching
                              Ouija - origin of evil
                              And woaaaah
                              This surprised me
seasong15 seasong15 Nov 29, 2016
*face palms* hmm now I wander how the hell i got possessed by freaking demons? *says sarcastically* oh wait, its because we apparently love to mess around with a freaking a** quija board!!!!! *face palms again from how stupid that was*