Mental Experiment (Creepypasta x Reader)

Mental Experiment (Creepypasta x Reader)

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Note : This is a different version of Creepypasta

I don't own the Creepypastas or You.
I own the plot. :p


     (Y/n) was once a young and beautiful girl. Once. She happened to be a "Happy-go-lucky" girl. That, everyone knew.

     That was before she was possessed by demons on her birthday, and shed blood from her dearest friends and family she loved the most.

     Under the control of her demons, she had no choice but to oblige their commands. She walked in chains of guilt, sorrow and anger that stuck to her like parasites.

     Until she met them..

Just wanted to say that the description you wrote is a spot on description of me
Both of mine died. one by cancer and the other by natural causes
Lady_Arwen_ Lady_Arwen_ Nov 22
This is why she got possessed in the first place! I agree with @LeSenpai she is an idiot
There are 3 sixes, and a triangle has three sides. Illuminati confirmed
seasong15 seasong15 4 days ago
*face palms* hmm now I wander how the hell i got possessed by freaking demons? *says sarcastically* oh wait, its because we apparently love to mess around with a freaking a** quija board!!!!! *face palms again from how stupid that was*
00ooooOOOOOH~ DEAD PEOPLE! idonthaveanyschoolfriendsanyways