Just Lyca Lady

Just Lyca Lady

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Alyssa McDonald By Alyssa-McDonald Updated Mar 16, 2017

"Once bitten, they are no longer human. Once bitten, a beast awakens."

They are the creatures of evil, the beasts that mutilate children and ravage entire villages in a nightfall. Hunted and killed, Lycan are to be shown no mercy, a known law enforced across the Kingdom of Harron. 

All the folktales and stories of the brutes, Lady Annalise had heard countlessly. Fear the lycan; hate the lycan. Yet, when the young Lady comes across one for the first time, she finds herself following curiosity's calls instead, wanting to learn more not only about the beastly side of the lycan she calls Gray but also the man behind the monster. Seems not everything is as black and white as Anna was told.

  • blood
  • danger
  • heroine
  • historical
  • lycan
  • medieval
  • mystery
  • nobility
  • nomates
  • romance
  • royal
  • secrets
  • war
  • werewolvesofwattad
PacifyingWords PacifyingWords 3 days ago
Ah I love her already and she's so confident like yes 🙌💖
cappuccinohugslattex cappuccinohugslattex Jan 19, 2017
Your descriptions are amazing! I get lost into the way you write because everything is so vivid! And I love the way you develop both Gray and Annalise's characters! Can't wait to read on 😀
JulieMidnight JulieMidnight Sep 12, 2016
Love your prose and your way with description. I could easily imagine Lady Annalise straining to see more of the man/lycan while he undressed, haha!
TheSingingSkier TheSingingSkier Sep 22, 2016
Great great great story. please update. Keep writing. Yeah yeah Yeah! 😊♡♡♡
VinmarieGrace VinmarieGrace Apr 06, 2016
I dunno I kinda liked the use of the word strung. Its a bit of an odd use but fits well in the eenrence
- - Feb 12, 2016
You have a gift with words...honestly I could see everything you wrote! Amazing